Dr Amit K Chattopadhyay

Dr Amit K Chattopadhyay

Amit is an ‘interdisciplinary Complex Systems’ theorist specialising in quantitative problem solving in physics, biology and finance, using techniques from statistical physics, nonlinear dynamics and numerical computation. He has so far authored or co-authored over 60 research publications and 2 books. One of these books (‘Heat and Thermodynamics’) is the internationally accepted standard text on the subject. He is the chief editor of an open sourced interdisciplinary journal. I am also a panelled reviewer of EPSRC. He is an Editorial Board member of the Nature Publishing group; independently, so an Editorial member of staff in the Frontiers in Physics group.

Research Interests:

His research novelty lies in combining four diverse research strands –

  • Quantitative Biology
  • Mathematical Finance
  • Soft matter science
  • Materials’ modelling


School of Engineering & Applied Science