Ali Emrouznejad

Ali Emrouznejad

Ali Emrouznejad is a Professor and Chair in Business Analytics and has been working in various areas of Operations Research and Statistic generally and Data Envelopment Analysis specifically since 1993. He holds an MSc in applied mathematics and received his PhD in operational research and systems from Warwick Business School, UK. Having got PhD in the area of DEA, in 1998, he has joined to the development team of Performance Indicators (PI) in Higher Education (HE) at HEFCE (Higher Education Funding Council for England). The PI in HE has widely published and it is now annual publication of HESA (Higher Education Statistical Agency). He has worked on several research projects including: “assessing cost efficiencies in higher education” funded by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) and “Analysis of efficiencies and productivity evolution in manufacturing industries with CO2 emissions in China” funded by Royal Academy of Engineering.

His areas of research interest include performance measurement and management, efficiency and productivity analysis as well as data mining and big data.

Dr Emrouznejad is  Editor of Annals of Operations Research, Associate Editor of Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, Associate Editor of IMA journal of Management Mathematics, Associate Editor of RAIRO – Operations Research, Senior Editor of Data Envelopment Analysis journal and member of editorial boards or guest editor in several other scientific journals. He has published over 100 articles in top ranked journals; he has published several books including:

  • “Applied Operational Research with SAS”,
  • “Performance Measurement with Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis” (Springer),
  • “Managing Service Productivity” (Springer),
  • “Big Data Optimization” (Springer) and
  • “Handbook of Research on Strategic Performance Management and Measurement” (IGI Global).

He is also co-founder of Performance Improvement Management Software (PIM-DEA). Ali’s website ( in DEA has internationally recognised as a main source for DEA users.


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