Circular Economy

Circular Economy

Circular Economy (CE) practices have the potential to enhance sustainability performance of organisations and therefore can help respond to United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

The current state of CE practices and its impact on sustainability performance has been analysed across key CE fields of action (design, procurement, production, distribution, consumption and recover) for SMEs in France, Greece, Spain and the UK

The key findings reveal that CE adoption can result into superior environmental performance through energy and resource efficiency, and waste reduction. Moreover, the ‘design’ function contributes the most towards the adoption of CE in SMEs, whereas the ‘recover’ function contributes the least, considering the current state-of-practices.

From a theoretical perspective, it outlines the issues and challenges, impact of support from customers and policymakers, and self-motivation of SMEs to adopt CE. Based on the findings, an implementation framework for SMEs has been proposed to develop organisation wide strategic initiatives for CE adoption in business operations.

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