Low Carbon Grants

Low Carbon SME Grants

Grants with a value of up to £12,250 are available for businesses implementing energy efficiency measures. Low carbon grants are awarded for innovative and cutting-edge carbon saving projects that deliver measurable benefits in the form of reduced energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Low carbon grants of £1,000 – £12,250 are accessible and is match funded on a 1:1 basis. For example the total project expenditure must be a minimum of £2,000 to receive the minimum £1,000 grant, or £24,500 to receive the maximum grant size of £12,250. However, the total project expenditure is not limited to £12,250.

The Low Carbon SMEs Programme has a limited pot of European funding to support participating businesses to implement low carbon projects. Approval will be based on being able to demonstrate sufficient associated energy savings.

ERDF grants can be used towards a variety of low-carbon investment initiatives for your business such as:

  • Replacement of energy inefficient machinery or equipment with high energy efficient equivalents. Example replacement of compressor with VSD equivalent.
  • Conversion of energy intensive processes to lower intensity alternatives. e.g. switching from wet spraying to powder coating.
  • Feasibility studies into on-site generation of renewable energy or recovery of waste heat.
  • Machine layout alteration for efficient material flow.
  • Installing energy monitoring and targeting software and hardware.

Please note: retrospective applications cannot be considered i.e. the project must not have commenced to be eligible for consideration. For more information please download the Grant Booklet.

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