Low Carbon Diagnostics

Low Carbon SME Diagnostics

Diagnostics are an essential tool for businesses looking to reduce energy consumption, improve the energy efficiency of their sites, identify energy waste and ultimately, reduce business’s annual utility spend.

We can undertake a comprehensive energy survey of your site and facilities lasting between 2 to 5 days. We will identify wastage and recommend measures which could dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, energy use and production costs.

The main aim of the diagnostic is to assess all aspects of your energy usage relating to the building as well as business operations, asses its energy efficiency performance and identify suitable energy savings.

Ensuring that your businesses receives a tailored carbon action plan report, we will also make the most of our knowledge and expertise to help you secure relevant funding to support their implementation. Energy audits can be arranged at a time to suit your business and depending on your company’s requirements, can be planned for varying levels of detail.

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