Information Management and Analytics: Low Carbon Horizon

Information Management and Analytics: Low Carbon Horizon



Low Carbon SMEs cordially invites you to join the Data Management workshop. The objective of the workshop is to maximise productivity by effective management of data and analytics. The workshop will present example use cases and real time demonstrations to show how data can be used to generate useful insights and augment decision making.

Interactive sessions include informative presentations by SMEs who have effectively managed data to generate useful information to augment decision making.

What happens next-  After the workshop, further support and guidance will be given to Eligible SMEs to Register to the Low carbon SMEs programme for a Free Audit/Diagnostic and Long term collaboration by University support you in your Data Management goals.

We would like the workshop to be based around your needs. if you would like to further discuss your Data Management needs. please email- and a member of the Low Carbon Team will get in touch with you.

Please note the Date, Time and Venue will be confirmed in due course.

For further information, please contact us