Low Carbon SME Workshops

Our series of masterclass workshops aim to boost productivity and profitability by enabling carbon-conscious SMEs to acquire new skills, resources and knowledge. These sessions are designed to deliver tangible impacts by improving participants’ knowledge of carbon reduction and building awareness of new techniques, technologies and innovations.

Each workshop is delivered by experts, usually from our own specialist academic team – each of whom has accumulated a wealth of industry experience. Practical advice and guidance is coupled with real world experience for maximum learning outcomes.

Workshops – 2018 - 2019

We look forward to deliver the following workshops in 2018-

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Fast-Track to ISO 14001:2015

Fast-Track to ISO 14001:2015 – Implementation Overview workshop is aimed at SMEs responsible for implementing or maintaining their organisation’s ISO ISO14001:2015 environmental certification.

The workshop provides an overview of the key requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 and gives SMEs an understanding of the potential challenges presented by implementing the new requirements.

Interactive sessions include informative presentations by an expert EMS consultant and SMEs who have successfully transitioned to the new standard.

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand the differences between ISO14001:2014 and IS014001:2015
  • Gain an overview of the High Level Structure (HLS) of ISO 14001:2015
  • Receive practical advice from EMS consultants
  • Share experiences and network with SMEs who are currently implementing the Standard
  • Understand potential key challenges facing your organisation
  • Enhance top management in understanding of what an EMS can do to drive operational and strategic business value.
23-11-2017 Environmental Management System: ISO14001 Event Ended
Reduce Your Costs Through Resource Efficiency
  • Are you looking to:

Reduce cost of materials due to design improvements and efficiencies?
Reduced cost of other various process inputs, such as water and raw materials?
Increase revenue from turning your waste into a resource?
Identify cost effective reduce, reuse and recycle initiatives?

Resource efficiency is about deriving the most value from material and energy inputs by efficiently converting them into finished products or services, while minimising environmental impacts.

Resource efficiency can result in savings to your organisation by reducing the amount of materials or energy that needs to be purchased, or reducing waste disposal costs by implementing reduce, reuse and recycle measures.

This workshop will explore practical, scalable and innovative opportunities for you to adopt reduce, reuse and recycle initiatives within your business. The session aims to enable businesses to identify new opportunities between delegates by addressing common challenges, sharing best practice and generating ideas for improved resource efficiency.

Benefits of attending:

  • Improve your resource efficiency in consumption and production
  • Identify opportunities to adopt reduce, reuse and recycle measures
  • Improve your environmental performance by cutting costs
  • Learn about successfully implemented resource efficiency projects in SMEs
  • Network with aspiring SME’s and share best practice
  • Find out about the 1-2-1 support available to SME’s and potential funding for waste prevention equipment



18-09-2018 Waste Management & Resource Efficiency Event Ended
Learning & Innovation Workshop
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Data Management
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