Upcoming Low Carbon SME Workshops & Events

Our series of masterclass workshops aim to boost productivity and profitability by enabling carbon-conscious SMEs to acquire new skills, resources and knowledge. These sessions are designed to deliver tangible impacts by improving participants’ knowledge of carbon reduction and building awareness of new techniques, technologies and innovations.

Each workshop is delivered by experts, usually from our own specialist academic team – each of whom has accumulated a wealth of industry experience. Practical advice and guidance is coupled with real world experience for maximum learning outcomes.

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Workshops 2020-2021

Next Upcoming Workshops

1. Sustainable Logistics in 2020 and beyond- 11th March 2020- For further details and to register, please click the Book now button. (please scroll down)

Join us for best practices to reduce your environmental and business costs

The goal of the workshop is twofold: to provide an overview of the current challenges for improving logistics and transport operations; and to identify and share best practices in order to reduce environmental and financial costs.

The workshop will involve presentations from key players in the UK freight logistics and transport sector and a roundtable with experts from industry and academia.

Why attend?

  • Understand the key logistics & transport developments to improve your logistics and environmental performance
  • Gain practical insights and examples of how SMEs can improve their environmental performance and reduce costs
  • Meet and learn from industry leaders
  • Explore long term collaboration opportunities with Aston university Logistics and Sustainability experts



11-03-2020 Sustainable Logistics in 2020 and beyond Book Now
Black Country Launch

We are delighted to announce that our free low carbon advice and grant support programme is now available to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Black Country. Eligible businesses can receive dedicated one-to-one support from energy experts and world-class academics to reduce their carbon footprint, and develop a holistic approach to energy efficiency that will lead you to higher productivity and increased net profit. Companies will be given the opportunity to apply for grant funding to cover 50% of the capital costs of replacing old and energy inefficient equipment.