Energy costs to increase in April 2019

Energy costs to increase in April 2019

From April the Climate Change Levy (CCL) part of electricity and gas bills will increase significantly.  Minimise this increase by reducing your energy consumption.

CCL will go up by 45% for electricity and 67% for gas. Adding about another 3-4 percent to the cost of energy, which is on top of price increases already made by utility suppliers when contracts are renewed.

So for an energy bill of a £100k look to budget for around another £4k unless you reduce your energy consumption. As CCL is charged per kWh consumed, the only way to minimise or avoid this increase is to reduce your energy consumption.



Our programme supports SME’s to manage energy better by identifying and driving the implementation of energy efficiency improvements. Grants are available to part fund the installation of energy efficiency measures.

Elliot Dudley-Toole the Finance Manager from Dudley Tool Limited said that ‘we have already seen an electricity price increase of 25% another 3-4% increase won’t be welcome. However, with the help of the Low Carbon SMEs project, we have embarked on an energy efficiency programme that has already significantly reduced our energy consumption’

For further details of how the Low Carbon SME’s programme can help you, please do get in touch with us. Our contact details are here.